Plane Industries is a British furniture brand with a focus on authentic aircraft parts as our core material of choice. We pride ourselves on finding the most innovative ways to breathe new life into retired aircraft parts to create beautiful aviation furniture for the home or office.

Founded in 2013 by two brothers with a shared love of breaking, then making. New life and new purpose are given to old materials and old objects. Our materials fascinate us and we do everything we can to pay tribute to them through our designs. Each piece of aviation furniture we make has a unique history, provenance and a story attached that is linked to the heritage and beauty of flight.

Our product line includes everything from Fuselage Wall Art and Clocks, Aviaitor Chairs, Aviation Desks, Gifts for Pilots to Wheel Coffee Tables.

If you are looking for that perfect piece of furniture or aviation decor for the home, please get in touch to discuss. Bespoke comissions are always welcome.


Interior of retired Boeing aircraft


From 35,000 feet to the middle of your living room. Having travelled millions of miles around the planet, spending tens of thousands of hours in the air these magnificent birds of the sky retire to the aircraft graveyard.

That’s where we step in, re-working the old weathered sections of the aircraft’s body into a unique and intriguing collection of furniture. Aluminium, peppered with rivets sits at the heart of each piece. From rusty and bland to a beautiful mirror polished finish, complemented with luxurious materials and built using a variety of engineering processes and methods at our workshop in the heart of the British countryside.

The result is a series of unique furniture pieces of aviation decor that make an unprecedented statement, fit to take place as the centrepiece of any room.



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