Aviation Furniture

Using reclaimed, authentic aircraft parts, from planes steeped in history, Plane Industries take pride in exploring the most innovative ways to breathe new life into these remarkable feats of engineering to design and create unique pieces of avitation furniture, goods and airplane art.

Imagination, old fashioned workmanship, and modern making are our tools to make and build the audacious, quirky and unique. We build to last, and hope that these pieces will be passed down to the generations to come.

We’re two brothers, with a shared love of breaking, then making. New life and new purpose to old materials and old objects. Our materials fascinate us and we do everything we can to pay tribute to them through our designs.

These metals and fabrics have history, provenance and a story attached to them that is linked to the heritage and beauty of flight.

Two Brothers, One Idea

As kids our dad, a farmer, taught us to be always resourceful and inventive, Nothing was discarded. Everything was repurposed. Imagination and creativity became our tools, and we’ve never put them down since.

Our venture took flight in 2012 with Fallen Furniture. With a few tools at our disposal and some scrap parts purchased from an Aircraft breakers we set about making aviation furniture and aviaiton art. No concrete plan, just an idea and an aspiration to create the most beautiful, interesting things we could, and see if the world liked them enough for us to make a living through it. Since then we are proud to have made for hundreds of clients and some big companies too including, Red Bull, General Electric and Ryanair.

It grew, we hired our first members of staff, Matt and Ray and set about pushing our limits of creativity whilst constantly studying the materials at our disposal. We had so many ideas that would encompass much more than furniture, we needed a new name, Plane Industries was born.

We’re small, but like many sky gazers, we dream big. We want to do some good by making sustainable, durable aircraft furniture and airplane art that have stories – tales of the past and future adventures.

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