Our Story

We’re two brothers, with a shared love of breaking, then making. New life and new purpose to old materials and old objects. As kids our dad, a farmer, taught us to be always resourceful and inventive, Nothing was discarded.

Everything was repurposed.Imagination and creativity became our tools, and we’ve never put them down since.

Our first venture Fallen Furniture took flight in 2012. We salvaged, then curated, then crafted discarded aeronautical artifacts it into striking furniture and sculpture.

Old fashioned workmanship, modern making.

We discovered that huge volumes of high quality, perfectly sound material was being sent for incinerator or landfill. P L A N E was born to put a stop to that.

We’re small, but like many sky gazers, we dream big. We want to help change the world by making truly sustainable and durable goods, that have stories – tales of the past and future adventures.